Tampa Bay Baptist Conference Center
$3.00 per person, per day.  This fee applies to all guests who use the facility and have not made provisions for overnight accommodations or food service.     

Motel Room $44.00 for one person, per night, including linen service and pool use                               
$15.00 for each additional person, per night, including linen service and pool use
Dormitory $17.00 per person, per night, no linen service (The dorms are not coed. You must have a minimum of 8 people in your group in order to                                 reserve dorm space.) 
Chapel  $185.00 per day
Dining Hall $185.00 per day
Volunteer Hall $150.00 per day
Annex Hall $150.00 per day
Craft House $150.00 per day
Wilcox Hall $150.00 per day
Gymnasium $50.00 per hour without Air Conditioning
$80.00 per hour with Air Conditioning
Bubble Ball Party   $200.00 for 2 hours (Inside Gym only)
Meals are prepared for a minimum of 15 people (food service not available on Sundays).
Breakfast $7.50 per person
Lunch  $8.50 per person
Dinner $9.50 per person
Beverage Service $2.00 per person
Beverage/Snack $4.00 per person 
POOL:  $5.00 per person
​$25 per hour (Exclusive Use)                      
CANOES/KAYAKS:   $20.00 per day     
PADDLE BOATS:    $30.00 per day (each boat seats 4 people) 
MINI GOLF: $1 per person, per day 
OBSTACLE COURSE:   $5 per person, per day (Requires separate liability release form)   

BOATING: Registration required
Launch Fee    $6.00 per day         
Non-motorized        $3.00 per day 
RV (30 amp)    $25.00 per night  ($140.00 per week; $550.00 per month) 
Tent:    $5.00 per person per night 
Small Pavilion  $35.00    
Large Pavilion  $60.00   

SOUTH BEACH RENTAL:    Exclusive Use of South Beach Area 
200 - 400 people $400.00   
400 - 600 people $600.00   
600 - 1000 people $1,000.00