Tampa Bay Baptist Conference Center

1. Only those camping in RVs or trailers can bring pets onto the facility. Pets in RVs must be the property of the RV owner. Pets from family, friends, and/or others are not allowed. When outside of the RV, pets must be on a non-extendable leash no longer than 6’ and under the control and supervision of the pet owner at all times. Tie-outs are not allowed. (Initials_____________)

2. A maximum of two pets is permitted per RV site. (Initials_____________)

3. You are required to clean up after your pet. Anyone observed not picking up after their pet will be asked to leave without a refund. (Initials_____________)

4. Pets are not permitted in any indoor spaces, under pavilions, in restrooms, near staff housing, in the maintenance area, or on any amenities (sand volleyball courts, playground, obstacle course, human foosball court, Ga-Ga pits, pool, etc...). If you have a question about whether your pet is allowed in a certain area, please ask one of our staff members for clarification. Failure to get clarification before acting will not excuse the conduct, nor will it be grounds for avoiding the consequences of such conduct. (Initials_____________)

5. Pets that are noisy, disturbing, intimidating, aggressive, or dangerous to other people or pets, or that damage the grounds or buildings will have to be removed. (Initials_____________)

6. Pet owners must provide proof of current vaccinations. (Initials_____________)

7. Pets are not allowed on the South Beach portion of the property at any time. (Initials_____________)

8. All pets must be inside your RV when you are not on the grounds. You must leave a contact phone number where you can be reached at all times. (Initials_____________)

By signing below, I am assuming personal and financial responsibility for my pet’s actions. I have read and will follow the above rules during my stay at the Tampa Bay Baptist Conference Center. I understand that violation of any of the above rules may result in early removal from the grounds without a refund.

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