Tampa Bay Baptist Conference Center
Meeting Rooms
Craft House
The Craft House is just that, a place camps have done crafts in the past. With a painted concrete floor, a shop sink, and a bathroom, this space is perfectly suited for making a mess. The Craft House is spacious enough to accommodate 45 people comfortably. 
The Annex is located adjacent to the Dining Hall and has direct access to the bathrooms. With room enough for 60 people this space is perfect for smaller meetings and conferences.
Wilcox Building
The Wilcox Building is more suited to adult use. This space is  separated into three rooms. The front half of the building is one room and has a tile floor. The two rooms in the back are carpeted. There is a bathroom in this building and enough space to accommodate 45 people.

This is our Volunteer Hall. 80+ people can easily use this space. When used in conjunction with our Dining Hall over 170 can eat at the same time.

The Volunteer Hall set up for dining.