Tampa Bay Baptist Conference Center
According to author Michael J. Moore, in his book "Faithfulness-Tampa Bay and Beyond", in 1944 the Tampa Bay Baptist Association (TBBA) decided to purchase property to create an assembly ground recreational and gathering area.  Although many properties were looked at, it wasn’t until 1945 when Mrs. Susan Porterfield donated the land on which the conference center now sits. “It was Mrs. Porterfield’s dream that this land, which she purchased with money she earned teaching school, would be used as a place where people could renew and deepen their commitment to Jesus as Lord of their lives.”

Mrs. Porterfield’s dream has grown over the years with the addition of youth and recreational facilities. These additions were made possible through the hard work and generosity of countless volunteers over the years. From open structures, to timber framed, to the current masonry structures, thousands of volunteer hours have been donated to make the TBBCC the beautiful retreat it is today.
We love to hear stories from those of you that have spent time here at the conference center. If you have any historical information concerning the conference center, or would like to share a testimony of how the conference center impacted your life please feel free to contact us. Please indicate whether we can include your story on our website.